Latest releases

Boukman Eksperyans - La Revolte Des Zombies (Rasin Reggae from Haiti)
Negus World Order feat. Siameze and Sha - Fret Kash (Haiti Karnaval 2009)
Crazy Boys Generation - Illusion (Haitian Diaspora Rap)
Franz Job - Babylon is dead (Reggae from Tobago)
Ayiti Diasporap - Ayiti Diasporap 4 life (Rap from Haiti)
Various - Love Trap - Riddim Album (Reggae from Tobago)
Various - The Beautiful Songs of More Times (Reggae from Tobago)
Various - Country Boy - Riddim Riddim (Reggae from Tobago)
Danny Scrilla - Scrilla (Dubstep with an Caribbean edge from Germany)
Various - Amoung Dead Men O.S.T.
Julie Mourillon - Jump Up Party (Soca and Zouk)
Julie Mourillon - Calypso Warriors (Acoustic Calypso)
Julie Mourillon - Trodding On (Reggae)
Julie Mourillon - Bli Bi Dim Boow (Soca and Zouk)



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